Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Things turned south fast after Kristen's kids left. Kallie woke up the next morning (Saturday) with a pretty bad cough.

This was Ava Saturday.

Ava on Sunday.

Brandon stayed home from Church with Kallie because of her cough. Tyler stayed home because he had a very minor runny nose (and mostly because Kallie stayed home, ha ha). So of course Ava was going to stay home too. If anyone stays home, Ava stays home too. Church is not her happy place. Ava was weird all morning, extra whiny (as opposed to her usual whiny, which is very whiny), and was laying down on the tile floor sucking her thumb at times. So I told Brandon she should have an early nap, which she did. She slept during most of Church but about ten minutes before church was over, I got a text from Brandon saying you have to come home right now. Ava just threw up. This was her first time throwing up. So she threw up the whole day on Sunday over and over. So sad. She was just so snuggly and mellow.

Luckily she didn't throw up during the night but we had her in a pack n play in our room just in case. She cried all through the night and ended up in our bed even though I was terrified of her throwing up in there and having to wash everything on our bed. But thank heavens that didn't happen. All day on Monday she just laid around in my arms. I think Tuesday too. And then she finally started to come out of it but had diarrhea the whole week and was extra whiny and mellow. Not fun.

Meanwhile Kallie's cough continued and Mckinley woke up on Wednesday completely sick. I was worried all week that she would get sick and miss the 100th day of school on Wednesday. She really didn't want to miss it since last year we were in Disneyland over the 100th day and she missed it. It's a pretty big deal. Especially to her. On Tuesday night we got an email from her teacher saying her teacher had a stomach bug and she wasn't going to be at school on the 100th day so they would celebrate it when she got back. So it worked out okay that Mckinley missed it although I'm sure she would have loved to see the students that dressed up like grandmas and grandpas. Mckinley coughed in the morning and then for a while she was totally fine and I thought she was good and the next thing I know she was taking a nap in my bed. Which is a sure sign that she is really sick.

This is Mckinley having home school with the twins since she stayed home.

She was so sick the rest of the day and asked Brandon for a blessing that night. She coughed and cried all through the night on Wednesday but Thursday she woke up at like 9:45 and was perfect and thought she was going to school. I told her she needed to stay home because I was worried she would get sick again but she has some incredible faith and she was completely better the whole day. Her teacher told me she would wait till Mckinley got back to school to celebrate the 100th day. I couldn't believe she would do that for Mckinley. It was so nice of her. So Friday they got to celebrate the 100th day. Mckinley wanted to make these glasses to wear so I helped her. Ha ha. She has no fear. She wore these on and off throughout the school day. I got a call from Mckinley about 45 minutes before school got out telling me her stomach hurt and that she was coughing a lot and she wanted to be checked out.

I checked her out and brought her home but she didn't seem that sick to me at all, just coughing a little. She was mostly fine Saturday too, we went out to the library and stuff, no big deal. But Saturday night she slept in my bed and coughed literally the entire night. Sunday she was so bad that I honestly considered taking her in to the ER but we got some steroid pills from a neighbor and that saved us. She actually slept Sunday night! But she has been bed ridden for days now and takes naps every day and just coughs a ton if the humidifier isn't going. Poor thing. You know she's really sick when she's not even sad to miss school. Usually she is freaking out if she has to stay home from school. So today is Wednesday and she is still home. Today is the 5th day she has missed in the last two weeks. I'm hoping she can go back tomorrow. Otherwise she will have to come with me to Ava's well check, which wouldn't be all that bad because then maybe the doctor can take a look at her. But I am beat! Taking care of sick kids sure takes it out of me. Anything extra on top of taking care of my ever whiny Ava seems like just too much!