Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cabin Fun

So school ended, two days later Mckinley got baptized, and two days after that we headed up to the cabin. Brandon stayed home to work, and ended up being sick while we were gone. We missed him, but had a great time while we were there. The kids just love playing with their cousins and it's so beautiful up there.

The weather was gorgeous. So fun to be able to eat outside.

Kallie made a bouquet of wild flowers to bring home to Brandon. It didn't make it, but the picture did.

Ava was so cute, always trying on different people's shoes and even putting them on her baby cousin Sage.

Helping Ava get warm after she got soaked in the lake.

Bryant showed up with a few of his boys the second day and Tyler had a blast playing with Ezra.

Most of the cousins that were there. Except how did I not get Ava in the picture? Oops.