Sunday, June 17, 2018

Upstart Graduation

So many pictures of Ava get taken. She is the joy and delight of our home, as whiny as she can sometimes be. :)

Folding her arms at church!

Poor Mckinley hates wearing glasses so much. We have a yearly check up and are starting to realize she might just have them for the rest of her life. Poor thing.

My wonderful sister-in-law Megan came over and taught me how to make french bread. It was delicious!

Swimming at Elleny's pool! I forgot how deep it was and didn't bring floaties for Tyler and Kallie so they couldn't really reach anywhere. Next time I will bring their floaties. Still had a blast. Best pool ever.

Free slime Fridays at Michael's!

Nothing screams summer to me louder than watermelon. Yummm!!!

Fun at Nielsen's Grove. We have enjoyed so many beautiful weather days this year.

Craft day at Michael's. The kids got to paint terra cotta pots.

I love how Ava eats cereal. She uses the same bowls and spoons as everyone else. She always holds the spoon by the tip and can barely reach it in to her mouth. Always a mess but I love the independance!

Tyler and Kallie were finally able to stop doing their online preschool and go to graduation. They were a little burned out in the end. It was a struggle throughout the year to get them to do it, but oh they learned so much. They are both reading! I'm so happy we found this program and stuck with it. I will totally do it with Ava when she's old enough.