Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mckinley gets Baptized!!

After we came home from Las Vegas we had a few days to relax and then we got to enjoy Mckinley's baptism day. 

Here are some pictures we took a few weeks before her baptism.

She got baptized on June 2nd, along with two boys from our ward. It was our new Bishop's first baptism. She was so happy and the entire day was absolutely perfect. Brandon did an excellent job with both parts. It was just so fun to experience it. And she had such great support.

My visiting teacher brought her this beautiful head piece and candy necklace, and she got a bunch of gifts from other people as well. I'm so sad that I didn't get pictures with some of the people who came to support her. Her cute primary teachers, the Christiansen's, came, as well as her old preschool teacher Robin Scott, the Wible's, Nedra, and everyone from both sides of the family that lives here came. Amy was even in town from Idaho and was there. It was wonderful.

We had amazing weather so people we able to eat out on the deck and the grass. The food was delicious.

Brandon had the idea to make her a candy bar chart for her birthday and then we both completely spaced it so we decided to do it for her baptism instead. She loved it! Such a great day.