Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween 2019

Halloween morning, the kids all dressed up for school. Tyler went as a soccer player, Mckinley a robber, Kallie a witch, and Ava said she was super princess. Ha ha.

I love going to the Halloween parade! It's so much fun to see the huge variety of costumes.

Grandma Bishop made these cute spooky hands filled with candy for all the kids.

Ross and Karen came over to bring treats as well.

Costumes changed a little for trick or treating since it was so cold! I wanna say it was in the 20's or something. I stayed inside with Jackson all night, the first time I haven't gone out trick or treating for at least a little, and I have to say I quite enjoyed myself. Tyler went as a robber and Kallie didn't wear her witch hat because she needed to bundle up.

I didn't even dress up Jackson, just threw on a pumpkin hat for a picture. This first year with him has been a little rough. He has been pretty fussy and I haven't felt up to doing a lot of things I normally would.

We had a great holiday and totally blew through all our candy in like a week. We have no self control over here!