Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October Randomness

Why is this child so stinking cute? Ava trying on sunglasses at the dollar store.

Cute Jackson starting to hold his own bottle.

Tyler made me "MOM" out of legos. True love. :)

Megan and Lincoln had their first baby, Emmy, on October 26th.

Jackson upgraded to sitting in his tub without the bottom attachment thing.

We got an unexpected quick visit from Dallin and Shellee because her grandma passed away so we got to meet our cousin Liam earlier than we thought. He is so cute!

Learning to sit up...

Getting some much anticipated and long awaited giggles from Jackson.

Pumpkin carving party over at Grandpa Salmon's. Grandpa is very adventurous and doesn't get scared away from big projects like this. It turned out really fun.

I don't even remember whose are whose. I wanna say Mckinley on the left, Tyler on the right?

Ava fell asleep sitting up one day.

Someone is growing up!

This girl. She is so full of personality. Just wearing her swimming suit in case we go to St. George, ha ha.