Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had an awesome Christmas this year. We started the day out by going to my parents for our traditional breakfast (THANK YOU Brandon for going with me).

Kristen and Amy....just woke up.

My dad's Christmas breakfast goodness.

Me and Bran.

After breakfast we took the 4-wheeler out for a spin. It was so much fun!! We drove to the Church parking lot and did some donuts.

We headed straight to Brandon's parents house from there and were SO surprised to see Ryan and Jessica's car parked out front. They had this sweet little baby (Austin) on Sunday, and by Wednesday were ready to make the 14 hour trek from Calgary to Provo. I'm sure it ended up taking a lot longer than that with feedings and everything. We're so glad they came! This was the first Christmas since 1998 that the whole Salmon family was together. They have always had a missionary out.

Cute cute Mady.

Haley rocking out to singstar.

We spent quite a while over at Brandon's parents house and didn't even open our own presents at home until late in the afternoon. We relaxed there for a while and then went back to his parents house for dinner and stayed there all night hanging out and playing games.
On boxing day I was planning on going in to work but it didn't happen. We did the traditional scones, basketball, and games at the Church in the morning and then we went and saw Bedtime Stories and just hung out all day. It was awesome! I hope everyone had as merry of a Christmas as we did!


Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

good pictures! My pic. that I have at the top of my blog was just taken with my camera. I haven't seen the pic. off of Ryans yet.

Emily said...

sounds like a fun, busy christmas! i can't believe ryan and jess actually made it!!

Hannah S said...

What fun! I am so happy that you've had such a relaxing and fun vacation! And I can't believe his siblings came down w/such a newborn!!!!