Monday, December 29, 2008

A Night in Jerusalem

Every year for Christmas Eve we get together with my family and have dinner. Usually it's the typical Christmas turkey dinner, but this year my mom decided to do something a little bit different. We had a night in Jerusalem. Everyone dressed up and we ate food that would have been eaten back in Jesus' time. It turned out so yummy and so fun!

Brandon and I in our sweet outfits. Those things were itchy!! Made us glad we were born now and not back then.

The dinner table. My mom and dad always go all out and try to make it look really nice. They're so awesome!

Hummus. Surprisingly really good!

Bread loaves. My mom's homemade wheat bread is to die for!

Here's my plate. We had leek soup, salmon, greek salad, asparagus, hummus, and grape juice. It all tasted amazing.

Dessert: Fig newtons and powdered-sugar covered dates.

The wonderful lady who made it all happen. I have the best mom in the whole world!

Check it out. We even sang Christmas songs to my dad playing the accordion. It was funny.

Me and my little sister Amy.

I love my family and I'm so glad Brandon was willing to go to this dinner even though Jordan had just got home from his mission a couple hours earlier.


Hannah S said...

How fun! When your mom told me you all dressed up I was thinking for the Nativity scene but all night. So I thought it was kind of weird. But I like how it was incorporated w/a special dinner. That's neat.

Thanks for coming on Saturday. It meant a lot to us both :)

Jamie said...

we had a Bethlehem dinner too but we weren't as Authentic! We took a jar of ranch dip and just slapped a paper label on it that SAID "Hummus".

I'll post about it soon. We went out of town right after Christmas so I haven't gotten to it yet. You guys look great in your outfits. hope you had a nice Christmas.

Jessica said...

That's amazing! The food sounds/looks so good! I think I need to convince my family to do that next year!

The Ensign's said...

Wow! How impressive!
I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up. I kinda abandoned my phone the whole week so I didn't get your text until the day before we were leaving. Sorry about that. One of these days we'll work it out and catch up!