Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Well, I am writing this post from Flagstaff, AZ. I have no way of uploading my pictures so I will have to add them later. We headed out today for our week long vacation to Phoenix with Brandon's family. We are staying in Flagstaff tonight on our way to Phoenix. I'm excited to be gone on vacation, especially to be away from work for a whole week, but I also recieved some news today that makes this time a little bitter sweet.

My Grandpa Bishop passed away this morning. Kristen called me to tell me at about 11:00 this morning, when we had been on the road for about an hour. He would have been 95 on the 21st of this month. This was a long time coming. He has been going down hill for years now, and we knew he wanted to die, but it doesn't make it any less sad.
The worst part about it was that he died the very day I left town for a 9 day vacation, meaning I will miss the funeral. Unless I fly home for it. Which I am still considering doing. Especially since my two brothers are flying in for it (one from California and one from Iowa). This is a really hard decision to make.
I love my grandpa. He lived 3 doors down from me my whole life. It feels good to know that even though I don't visit him that often anymore, I did visit him about two weeks ago. The reason for my visit will definitely be a blog post later, we borrowed their old push lawn mower for our tiny back yard and are absolutely LOVING it.
But anyway, today was a good day, besides the bad news. The trip to Flagstaff wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We stopped a few times to break it up. Once for lunch and once at the Canyon Glen Dam, which was pretty amazing. We took lots of pictures there and I will add them to this post once we get home.
The road trip. Jordan was intently watching Phantom of the Opera. Ha ha ha.

Me and Bran at Canyon Glen Dam (Lake Powell). He and his siblings were going crazy with the "Dam" jokes. It was awesome.

This thing is HUGE!



Camile Kellogg said...

Aye sister... subo ina kaayo :( Excited ko sa pagkita ang mga kodak nyo! Enjoy the sun for me palihog!

Emily said...

sad news about your grandpa! good luck making the decision to fly home or not, tough call! otherwise, have fun in phoenix!

smarts said...

That is not fun, it is so hard to loose a loved one!!! I hope you can still enjoy the trip however long it ends up being ENJOY!!!

Brett said...


I'm sorry about your grandpa, it really is hard thing no matter how old they are.

P.S. I love your hair.

Brett said...

Sorry I was logged in under Brett's e-mail. The last message was from Jen. Love ya.

Amanda&Wade said...

I'm sorry steph! I lost my grandpa in March and even though you knew it was time, you still miss them! I hope the rest of your vacation is a good one! :)

byufish said...

It's hard to lose a grandparent. Funerals are such family bonding experiences...visiting and remembering lots of good and fun things about your grandpa. Hard decision to make though...I'll pick you up from the airport and drop you off again if that helps! Enjoy the sun. And are missing the biggest thunderstorm right now!! Wow!! Just heard a good rolling thunder....Enjoy the sun, the Salmons, and the vacation from the office! BEST PART OF A VACATION!!

Hannah S said...

I am sorry for your loss. He's older than Gma Stum! That's hard to be in that situation. I'm sure you'll make the right decision. Enjoy the time you have off!

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa Bishop. I remember seeing him in church every week, even when he was confined to his wheelchair. I remember him being very kind--especially when I was little.