Monday, June 8, 2009

Cabin Adventures

Well, I had a great weekend at the cabin. It was so weird on Friday to think I could have just still be sitting in my desk at my office but instead I was up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone coverage, TV, electricity, or even plumbing. I always love being up there. It's such a magical place for me.

Here's a deer that was as close to the cabin as I'd ever seen one. I still get as excited to see deer as I used to as a little girl.

We played tons of card games and board games. I love how Josh holds his cards. In a big jumble. I was teasing him about it and he said "well, I can see all of them." And I guess that's the point.

Apparently when Ella takes a nap she rolls up like a little potato bug. It was so cute!

Brandon and Holly cracking nuts for the chipmunks (or as Ella calls them, "chikmunks").

Me and Bran by the stream.

Me and Bran by the lake (pictures courtesy of Holly).

We spent a ton of time on Friday and Saturday playing Sardines. I had never heard of it before but it's hide and seek with a little twist. One person hides and everyone else splits up to go look for them. When you find the person that's hiding, you hide with them, until everyone has found the hiding spot. It was seriously so much fun. The boundaries were a pretty big radius around the cabin. The possibilities were endless.
This was probably the best hiding spot. Brandon, Josh, and my dad walked right past them and didn't see them. Oh, it was hilarious.

Hiding in the shed...

My parents are so cute!
I normally would have been freaked out to get down on the ground or hide right in the bushes because I know there are so many spiders and bugs everywhere, but this game was worth it! We laid flat down on the ground, hid in all sorts of bushes, and even underneath the cabin and I survived. We will definitely be playing this game again in the future!

We didn't have running water or lights but it was still fun to be up there! Can't wait to go back. Oh, the cabin is in Fairview Canyon. I think it was Megan that asked.


Butler Family said...

Im so jealous! Looks like you had tons of fun. I LOVE sardines too!!

Trent & Emily Davies said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I still get excited and yell and point everytime I see a deer and they are constantly in our front yard! I don't know why I get so excited!!

Tara Fears said...

Did Brandon teach the Sardines game? Cause we used to play that growing up ALL the time with all the family. Love that game! Glad you had're TOTALLY ready for Girls Camp now.

Jen said...

So is your cabin near Fairview Lakes? My family has a cabin at Fairview lakes so I was just wondering. If it is, I'll have to come by and say Hi sometime!

Hannah S said...

I can't believe you've never played sardines! It's almost like real camping when you don't have running water and electricity. I love the cabin too. we should have another girls night out up there later this summer.

Kris said...

How fun! I love how rustic your guys' cabin is! ;-) I'm so jealous of your two day adventure with no cell phone, tv, etc. How liberating. I love the photo of you guys by the lake.

Stacey said...

There you are having fun again. If being a chef gets us to get together then I'll be a chef but I'm so rusty. I think Brandon will be able to show ME more than I can show him.