Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't have a lot of pictures from what we've done lately, but we've been busy as always.

Last Friday night after Brandon's soft ball game we dragged the mattress downstairs and had a sleepover in our family room. It was so fun and we also learned that we will never have a TV in our bedroom! Otherwise we will never sleep. :)

We went to the Oquirhh Mountain Temple open house last Saturday. Didn't take any pictures.

Sunday we were able to spend time with both of our dads. Why anyone ever moves away from family is beyond me. I'm lucky I married someone whose family lives close to mine.

I woke Brandon up on Father's Day with a breakfast of bacon, hole in the wall, and orange juice. I resisted taking a picture. I was tempted though. :)

I also bought him a Wii for Father's Day. If you come over to our house you might find us doing a little of this:

Next up. Buying at least another controller and some more games. Suggestions are welcome.

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Wendy said...

The Wii is so fun! We love Mario Cart around here :)

Ryan + Jess said...

Next up: buying him an Xbox so he can bond with his Canadian brother?

Kris said...

How fun! The sleepover totally reminds me of college days! I have no wii suggestions. I'm pretty lame-o when it comes to video games and really out of the loop. So if you want to feel good about yourself just invite me over to beat me at any video game. ha ha!

Joanna said...

My only suggestion to put the strap around your wrist. We've had a couple of flying remotes at my mother-in-law's house. I really like the mario kart game- fun! Rock band is awesome too :)

The Alands said...

Fun sleepover. We love our Wii. You should try Wii Fit and Mario Kart.

A little about us... said...

You guys are so cute! Thanks for your message! We love Mario Cart at our house...beware you will never put it down. Love ya Steph!