Monday, January 31, 2011

Just in Time

Brandon and I made a bet (yes, I know, it doesn't make much sense seeing as we're married and we share money) about Mckinley crawling. Brandon bet she would be crawling before my parents got home and I bet she wouldn't.

Well, my parents come home today. In fact, as I type they are in California hanging out with two of my brothers and I get to see them late tonight at the airport. It still doesn't seem real.

With only a day to spare, Mckinley started crawling yesterday. She's still learning, but I told Brandon that if she moves at all on all fours, he wins the bet. It was a small bet anyway, if I won, I got jamba juice and if he won, he got $10. Not an even bet, I know, but I loooove jamba.

Anyway, if this video ever loads, you will be able to see Mckinley crawling for about 2 seconds. Enjoy. :)

Okay, I hate blogger when it comes to adding videos. Thank goodness for youtube.

Nevermind, I can't get it to work on youtube either. I guess you all know what it looks like to see a kid crawling anyway. If I can figure it out later, I'll add the video.

Holy crap I am going to see my parents in 6 hours. I can't believe it.