Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures. It's all I got.

Sometimes I wish my blog was clever or funny or remotely entertaining. I read other people's blogs who are such good writers and it makes me realize how boring my blog is. Sometimes I wish I had advice to give or something to write about that would make people stop and just think. But, life is what it is, people, and unless I have pictures, I don't blog. And all I ever do is add a few pictures, and let people know what's happening in them. So, I'm going to do what I do best. Add some pictures and call it a blog post.
Can't believe Mckinley can stand and play with this toy all on her own.

This is Mckinley with her Aunt Heidi (my little sister). We went to Heidi's house one day to visit her. We had a lot of fun. Mckinley and I sat on the bed and Heidi sat next to us in her wheelchair. At one point, Mckinley leaned over and grabbed the control to Heidi's wheelchair and drove it a bit. She's such a curious baby and always wanting to touch/grab/lunge for new things.

Haley came over to our house one day to watch a football game and ended up upstairs reading a book to Mckinley in her rocking chair. How cute is that?

Even though all we do is take pictures of Mckinley, here's proof that Brandon and I still exist. (Although I guess you already knew we existed, otherwise who would be taking all these pictures of Mckinley?) This was last Saturday while we were making an awesome breakfast of pancakes and eggs on our new griddle.

Mckinley is so happy (even though the poor thing has been sick for over 3 weeks now) and she actually smiles now when I get the camera out. (for the first picture at least) It's awesome.
Look at those eyelashes!! She gets them from her dad.

Hanging out in her exercauser in the kitchen.

Happy as can be since I gave her a magazine from the mail to play with and chew on.

Last night we went to visit our friends in the hospital who had a new baby. She is about a pound smaller than Mckinley was. Just tiny! And so stinking cute. Look at that perfect face.
Mckinley scoots backwards. Mostly when she's on a smooth surface. She started out right at my feet and ended up half way across the room. Ha ha ha.
Is it bad that I gave her my candy cane to suck on so she would stop crying? Look at those cute cute thighs. You can't help but just squeeze them!!

Now. Proof that Brandon and I are first time parents. (Read: First time parents make mistakes.) We thought we'd teach her a new trick (side note: I can't believe how incredibly fun it is to teach tricks to babies. I absolutely hate dogs but I can understand now why people might like them, if they're as fun to teach tricks to as babies are). Anyway, back to the trick. We (and by we I mean Brandon. He deserves the credit for teaching her the trick - he is so good at teaching kids stuff - but I don't want to blame him for the fact that we might have taught her a bad trick). Wow, do you think I can finally spit this sentence out? Third time's a charm. We taught her how to "fall back" on our bed. But now she's doing it everywhere. Like off my lap this morning. Don't worry, I caught her. And on the floor. Like with no padding underneath her head. So now we're working on unteaching her this trick, or at least teaching her that she can only do it on a soft surface.
Enough of my blabbing already. Watch the video.


Kim and Preston said...

You blog like I do Steph. I enjoy looking at pictures and really enjoy the updates on your beautiful family! Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Jilleen said...

I like your blog, so shush! Eliza falls back like that too, but not on demand. Very cute.

Haley K said...

oh your little Mckinley is a doll baby! Always fun to see more cute pictures of her, especially as she is growing so fast! :) My favorites are the one of her & Heidi, the candy cane one (her eyes are gorgeous!), and that video of her doing that cute new little trick :) Love ya cous!

3boys2girls said...

I love the trick!!! She is such a cutie- I am excited for her to meet your mom & Dad! Keep up the good work.

Dallin + Shellee said...

I love the video. So cute!!