Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This was supposed to be a post with a video of Mckinley's newest super cute trick but the video won't load. So I guess we will just celebrate that it's post #200 and put a few pictures on here. I will try again in a new post with the video and may have to resort to putting it on youtube.

So proud that she pulled all the diapers out.

I love it when kids become little begging puppy dogs. This girl wants to eat anything and everything we're eating. Confession: I don't like sharing food (and especially treats) with kids. Bad. I know. She ate half my shepherd's pie. I am definitely going to have to learn how to share.

Last night was her first bath in the big tub. Crazy. She is growing up.


nora.lakehurst said...

And all those photos are so darling. And BTW I wasnt mad that your SIL knew who I was. I was totally joking about that. LOL Like she was saying "oh....Karla Southern" LOL I think I am there as much as twice a month if not more. She is so sweet. Just like you!

Blake ~ Amber ~ Noah ~ Jade said...

Ok, so this made me laugh because I don't like to share either. My kids know, if they want something that Blake & I have, they go to Dad. Dad's are patient that way, he will give them his last bite of things or last drink or whatever. I don't know how he does it, lol. The even funnier thing is, I thought at 1 point in my life, this is a problem and I need to get over it, but I was talking with a bunch of moms about this once and we were most ALL the same way and the dads were better. So Funny!! I mean, we have given these kids our entire life, the least we want is our own piece of pie, haha!!!