Wednesday, June 29, 2011

T minus one month

Well, it's official. We're moving. In just one month! Most people dread moving and for some reasons, I do too, but for the most part, the question that's always on my mind is "what else can I pack?" Since we'll be living at my parents' house for 9 months, we are storing most of our stuff at Brandon's brother's house and then just taking a little bit with us. So, we've been packing some of the stuff that we can just put in storage that we don't use now. Which is actually a lot of stuff. Makes you wonder why you have it if you don't use it?

Anyway, I love dejunking and going through things and I am just excited for CHANGE. We were so lucky to be able to find renters in less than 24 hours! We're renting to the first people who came and looked at our place. If my camera wasn't broken I could show you the packing mess. We've already moved a few things and I'm starting to drive Brandon crazy because all I want to do is pack and move more things.

Pictureless posts are not very exciting. If my camera wasn't broken I would post a picture of Mckinley climbing into her baby bouncer and bouncing up and down so high that it hits the ground. And a picture of her climbing into her diaper caddy. And up into her old carseat. And doing a flip into an empty box that she tried to climb on. Can you tell she likes to climb? She is so stinking cute and we are just having a blast with her every day.

We went miniature golfing at Cascade on Monday, a yearly tradition we do with Brandon's family. My sister-in-law Jessica took a picture for us and when she sends it to me, I'll post it. We've got a fun week ahead with the 4th of July coming up. Summer is really here.


Stacey said...

My friend lives close but it would be way easier to just go get some from behind Desert Book. They are already broken down and flat and really good sturdy boxes. Why are you moving to your parents?