Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Good Day

Yes, I am posting twice in one day. So sue me. There are two reasons why I just had to post. #1, I didn't want to end on such a negative note. #2. Look at these cute baby ducks we saw today!!!

Well, let's back up first to last night. Brandon and I took our leftover brownies to his parents house to share (aka get rid of so we didn't eat ourselves sick) with them. His dad decided to go on a little food run so we all hopped in the car and went to Sonic, Broiler Express, and Jamba. Can you say "yum?" This is Mckinley laying down on the couch before we left. She was so ready for bed!

So that was last night but now we come to today, which in my books has been a perfect day so far. Mckinley didn't wake us up this morning till 8:20 which was pretty awesome, so that was a good start to the day. I guess Brandon would argue that his day started at like 1 in the morning when Mckinley woke up crying for some strange reason. But being the awesome husband he is, he let me sleep and he went and got her. He brought her in bed with us and she fell asleep with her head on my stomach (double awesome) which she never does, so she slept with us for a bit before I brought her back to her bed. We are always wishing she would have the occasional sleepover with us in our bed but for some reason she won't fall asleep in there. So we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Anyway, moving on. So we had a good morning, ate breakfast, Brandon went to work. Mckinley napped while I blogged and wrote to Amy and cross stitched and stuff. Then as soon as she woke up I called Brandon and asked him if he wanted to have a picnic at Nelson's Grove. We were there sometime in June and saw all these ducks sitting on eggs underneath the rocks. So yesterday we were saying darn, we should have gone back so we could see the babies. I knew there would be babies but I didn't know how small they would still be. I wanted to go check it out so I decided I was going to bring Mckinley, even if I went by myself.

Brandon said he'd come though so he picked up some Subway and I brought a few things from home and we met in the park and had an awesome picnic and saw those adorable little ducks pictured above. There were 12 of them and 2 were pure, bright yellow. They were so perfect they looked fake. It was so fun to see them! Here's Mckinley pointing at the baby ducks.

Dad and Mckinley. It was a perfect day at the park too. A little overcast but still very warm. We practically had the whole giant park to ourselves.

We took Mckinley for a ride in the swing and trust me, she enjoyed it a lot more than this picture shows. :)

I think her favorite thing to do though is pick up handfuls of dirt (or wood chips) and throw them back down. She could do it forever.

Check out her cute smile. I love it! I never thought my kid would be able to smile on demand this early. I love it. The only trick is having a camera good enough to catch it! One good thing I will say about my sister's crappy camera: the screen is so tiny that after you've taken a picture, you really can't see it very well so it kind of brings you back to the old film camera days when it was a surprise to see what pictures you've got on there. When I load the pictures on to the computer, I get to really see them for the first time and see if they turned out or not.

Now Brandon is back at work and I'm at home with the babe, she's in bed falling asleep and I get some more "me" time. Then tonight we have a new little nephew we get to go meet and I can't wait!!! Does life get any better than this? I think not.


Adam and Hilary said...

What a day! Baby ducks are the cutest! LOVE the picture of you and Mckinley. Thank you for the email. Hope Bryant won't kill me for having a girl. I'm sure their boy is way cute just like the other brothers! What is his name? kindof crazy our babies were born on the same day!

Adam and Hilary said...

one more thing what is Amy's address?

Aubrey said...

McKinley is such a doll! I still love to see baby ducks. Especially yellow ones.

Kris said...

Sorry you had sucha miserable weekend! And that's stinks that your long streak of bladder infections came to an end.
But it's so funny because we have been going to Nielsen's Grove tons lately because Ben has figured out how awesome the fishing is there and it's perfect becuase Logan can help him fish there.
So we'll have to go and check out the ducklings - so cute! And lLinc is the exact same, in fact today he was at the park doing the same thing, sitting on the curb playing with the bark pieces. Let's get together soon. My family is in town this week so maybe next week? Next Tuesday or Wednesday?