Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ugh, my pictures are a mess. Every time I upload pictures from my iPhone, all the old ones upload themselves again. Anyone have any advice?

I have a lot of cute videos but I haven't found the time yet to upload them to youtube or whatever so I can put them on here.

These pictures aren't in order but they're all adorable so who cares.

Mckinley sleeping. The bumb in the air is her most common position.

Just chillin in one shoe (that she put on herself) and her diaper. Nice look Kinners.

Last Friday night was my work Christmas party. We ate at Molly's and took some fun pictures in the photo booth (that I haven't bothered to scan in yet, otherwise I'd post them). After the party Brandon and I decided to go to a late movie with his parents so we asked if Mckinley could go over and sleep at Dallin and Shellee's for a few hours. They were already having Haley and Brynlee sleep over. We ended up just leaving Mckinley there the whole night and we crashed at Brandon's parents' house and then went over for waffles in the morning. Mckinley did awesome. Geez, she's grown up.

We went and stayed in a hotel one night in Salt Lake with all of Brandon's family. It was so fun to take Mckinley swimming again. She had a blast on the stairs and was still good about going under and jumping off the side.

This is us at the hospital last Monday taking a peek at our new neice Abby. We have had fun going over this week and helping out and holding her.

Mckinley doesn't want to go anywhere these days without these three things. Bay (blanket), baby, and "aff" (giraffe).

Playing in the laundry baskets at Grandma's house.

Brandon and I saw Hugo with his parents the other night and it was the first 3D movie either of us had ever seen so we kept our glasses and boy has Mckinley gotten good use out of them. She thinks they are just so fun.

Mckinley and Bryn enjoying their brownies last night. We made dinner for Jason and Shannon and went over to eat it with them.

Anyway, I think that catches us up on everything since Thanksgiving.

Mckinley is so fun at 19 months. She is saying tons of words, she will pretty much try to repeat anything we say. And she is starting to group words together saying things like Where is she? I want some, I don't know, and help me. She thinks she is big enough to walk up and down the stairs now instead of crawling, and it scares me half to death. She is a little clingy which can drive me crazy when I'm trying to work in the kitchen or when I need to do something on the computer, but we are surviving.

Just a month left until we get to see my parents again for a few weeks and we are so excited!!!!


Hilary said...

Went back to see McKinley at the same age of Mary right now. Mary does the same things like saying things we say and super clingy too. Nursery is a no go, hopefully she'll get used to it. Well I want I see your twin babies before they will grow out of their baby stage!! Love you cuz!! You are such a good mamma!!