Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm sure there is more to the story I should add on here but I need to be quick.

Kallie was in the NICU till 8 p.m. on Friday night when she was finally rejoined with her brother for the first time since being in the womb. We are so lucky they only had to be apart for a day and a half. I know others have it much worse.

Brandon holding both of his babies together for the first time.

Ready to leave the hospital Saturday morning.

Mckinley was so excited to meet her sister for the first time and was so cute with both babies.

She has been so good with them. Totally loves them and loves helping me give them their binkies and stuff like that. Hopefully this good attitude about her new siblings lasts.
Twin love. 

Soaking up some rays together hoping for a good recheck of their bilirubin levels.


Some more pictures of right when we got back from the hospital.

Life with twins has been both good and bad. Saturday day was good. Saturday night was bad. They slept all day and were fussy and hard to care for all night till like 4:30 in the morning. So we are a little lacking on sleep here...

Today (Sunday) was good. I am so grateful for such an easy delivery. I feel almost completely recovered and was able to make it out to my little sister's mission homecoming talk today with Mckinley while Brandon and his mom snuggled the babies at home.


My sister Kristen and I holding the babies. Can't wait for her to have a little baby in two months!

Really really hoping for a better night tonight than we had last night. :) Wish us luck.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Twins are Here!!!

This isn't the complete story but it's something. We have so many pictures on our phones and camera but only a crappy laptop, so these are the only ones uploaded so far.

Got induced yesterday, September 27th.
Alright, quick. So we came to the hospital at 7. They got things started quickly. Broke my water at 8:30. I wasn't very dilated. Only 2.5. After another hour or something I was dilated to 4.5. Then the next time they checked, I was a TEN! They called the doctor to come over from the other hospital, I was wheeled into the OR and prepped for a C section just in case.

Girl totally flipped on her own and they were both head down ready to come out by the time I started pushing. I only pushed through two contractions, so easy! And boy came out. He looked great, scored 9.9 on his APGAR. She came out 9 minutes later, only pushed through two contractions for her too. It was so easy! I asked the doctor if I tore and he said nope, so I had no stitches whatsoever!!! I couldn't believe it.

Babies went to nursery, we thought they would both be fine, but girl had some breathing issues so they put her on some oxygen and then decided to take her to the NICU. She stayed there overnight but is supposed to come out after 2 more feedings, so in about 5 hours or so.

Girl is Kallie Anne Salmon. Boy is Tyler Kaye Salmon. Tyler was 5 lbs 12 oz 18 inches. Kallie was 6 lbs 9 oz, and I think she was 19 inches or 19.5.

Tyler had a hard time latching yesterday so we used a nipple shield and then he finally ate. They asked me to come to the NICU to nurse Kallie and she latched right away and nursed for 20 minutes, then Tyler latched on his own too. I nursed Tyler in the middle of the night, Kallie used some milk I had pumped (Brandon ran home and got our pump so we didn't have to pay for the hospital one). I fed them both this morning once already. They are nursing great!

We feel so blessed. The labor was seriously from about 8:30 to 11:30 till they were out. So stinking awesome! And I am recovering so well. I'm not bleeding too much and I feel great. All I've taken is some ibuprofen. Can't wait till Kallie can joins us, these poor babies haven't even touched each other outside the womb. I will try to post pictures in my profile in a sec.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I told you so...

Sorry for any of you who are waiting for the post to hear that the babies are here. Apparently my uterus is awesome because babies never want to leave it! I am 38 weeks today and the twins are still inside. I am proving all sorts of people wrong, most of all my doctors who really didn't think I'd make it this far. I always thought I would.

It is weird to sit here thinking I could be in the hospital today to get induced but I am waiting 2 more days. It seemed like a crazy decision but it turns out it was meant to be. My mom is the only one of our four parents who is in town right now and she is insanely sick. So come Thursday we will have a little more help.

In case you're wondering what runs through the mind of a woman who is 38 weeks pregnant with twins....

  • I can't wait to be able to hug Brandon without putting a beach ball between us.
  • I can't wait to have a lap again for Mckinley to sit on.
  • To be able to stand up next to my kitchen or bathroom sink without bending over and killing my back.
  • Will I ever stop peeing my pants?
  • Can't WAIT to sleep on my stomach again!! Or at least to not be in extreme amounts of pain while rolling from one side to the other in bed.
  • SO excited to have two new babies to hold.
  • Excited to be able to keep my house as clean as I want it again. (Although in all reality, it might be months and months - or never - before this happens.)
  • I am really going to miss feeling and watching these babies move around inside of me. It's hard to tell which is which when I feel movement but when one of them gets the hiccups I always know who it is, that part was pretty cool.
Haven't taken a belly shot today yet but I definitely will and I'll post it sometime. Last one, how weird.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A big belly

This picture boggles my mind. How in the world did my stomach get this big? Lots of people told me in the beginning that I looked small for twins and I would always tell them I've still got time to get huge. See? :)
(37 weeks with twins)

If you're looking at that picture thinking wow, that must be so awkward to walk around and try to live life with that massive thing attached to the front of her, you're RIGHT! Life is so uncomfortable right now. But I only have 9 days left. I think I can do it.
Mckinley always likes to get in on the belly shot action.
It sure is sad to think that this little girl won't get as much attention as she gets now. But we are all going to love our babies and we are excited for this new chapter. She will be such a great big sister.

Here is Mckinley talking on the phone to Brandon the other day while he was on his way home from work. I love giving her the phone, listening to her side of the conversation and wondering what the person on the other end is asking her or saying to her. She is a pretty good little conversationalist!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two weeks left

We are getting close people! The 27th is the big day. Just two more weeks from tomorrow.
Here is my 36 week belly that is measuring at 42 weeks. :)
I was supposed to have non stress tests once a week for the last 4 weeks of this pregnancy but they let me skip two of them, so I only had two. Here is my belly covered in monitors yesterday. You can't even see the third monitor, it's hiding under my big belly. Both babies are looking great. Boy is still head down, girl is sideways up on top constanly flipping from side to side (don't ask me where she's finding the room to flip her 6 lb, 18 inch long body!). 
After 8 completely miserable days, Mckinley finally turned a corner yesterday and is almost all the way back to her old self. Just in time because I was (and still kind of am) about to drop dead. Oh, it's so good to see her smiling again. 
Now for some cute pictures from Brandon's phone. Mckinley and her princesses hanging out in her old crib.
Just because she's so cute.
This is how you find Mckinley a lot. Hanging out on the couch watching Mickey Mouse on my phone.

I asked Mckinley to help me get the clothes out of the dryer the other day and she was very selective about it. The only clothes that made it to the basket were her own. 
Brandon decided to pop and then cut off the blisters on his burned fingers. Oh, they look so sore! But they're not hurting him. They are actually healing quite nicely. So, we are on the mend. I'm just wondering if my body can handle being pregnant for two more weeks.
Oh, and in case you want to see a picture of the babies, Mckinley took one yesterday. She was playing around with the camera and taking pictures of me and Brandon. Then she said "I'm gonna take a picture of the babies." And just took this super close up picture of my belly. Ha ha. Love it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beating the Odds

The average delivery for twins is 35 weeks. I am 35 weeks 1 day today so I have beat the odds! Woohoo!
My sister-in-law Jessica came over on Monday and took some pictures for us. Thank so much Jess! They are great!
Mckinley thinks she has babies in her tummy as well. 
Not too long before she came over, Brandon burned his fingers really bad on our lawnmower engine. Oh, I feel so bad for him. He said the pain was worse than getting his appendix taken out. 
And as if we don't have enough on our plate, this little girl decided to eat a bite of Brandon's chapstick last week (she's never done that before). The chapstick he had just been using on his cold sore. So now her body is learning how to deal with this new virus. She has had a fever for three days and has red swollen gums. Let me tell you, it is not easy taking care of an injured husband and sick daughter while you are 35 weeks pregnant. Not easy at all. Here's to hoping these babies stay inside me until Brandon's fingers are healed and Mckinley's virus is gone.