Thursday, February 21, 2013


A little too late, we finally let Mckinley go out and play in the snow. Thanks to these awesome pants and boots we borrowed from my mom and sister.
The snow was pretty crusty, but she had fun anyway.
Brandon kind of had to push her arms and legs into the snow to make the snow angel.
His and hers.
 Maybe next year we will let her go out when it's still fresh. But oh how I hate being out in the snow.
A few other random pictures...
Tyler eyeing my cake pop.
On one of those still cold, but not unbearably cold days, we took a walk.
I can't get over this smile!
Tyler wearing his cute suit to Church (we didn't even get him out of his car seat while we were there).
One night when Mckinley tried to come in our room in the middle of the night I told her to go back to her room. In the morning when I went to get the babies, this is where I found Mckinley. Ha ha ha.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Picture Overload

We started putting Kallie and Tyler in separate cribs. This is how I found thm the next morning. Completely twisted from how they started out. I think they like the extra room.
Just a bunch of cute pictures.
Practicing sitting. On my lap:
 In the bumbo:
 By the music table:
On my legs:
Holding their own bottles (halleleujah). We're still working on this but I am loving the progress they're making!
Exercauser time! They look so big in these.
Mckinley exercising with me. So cute!
Pictures with cousins. Tyler, Hadlee, and Kallie.

Maverik and Tyler in matching outfits. 

And an adorable crying picture to end the post.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Day in the Life of Mckinley

First words today:

Mckinley: Good Morning Mom
Me: Good Morning Mckinley
Mckinley: Thanks

Ha ha, she is so polite and so stinking cute.

After doing two puzzles this morning she wanted to watch a movie. I said no, let's play with toys. So she says, let's play with toys AND watch a show. Is that a good problem? (She says is that a good problem instead of is that a good plan.)

After getting her hair done, (but without seeing it in the mirror) "I look beautiful Mom."

Mom, can you turn on Little Einsteins going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship? She said all of that so fast with no breath in between any of it.

"I'm going to pop like a bunny rabbit." She says pop instead of hop.

"I'm good in doing this puzzle."

She started going on the potty all by herself, she'll go pull her pants and underwear down and go and then just tell me when she's done. It's kind of awesome. But she always says I'm good at going behind myself, instead of by myself.

Okay, so I started this post yesterday and didn't really finish it but I'm going to post it anyway just so I can look back on it later and smile at the cute things she does and says. There are so many more...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We had a really fun time over the last week doing lots of stuff with family since we had cousins in from out of town. Here are all the little Salmon cousins. There are too many babies right now and not enough big kids to hold them!

Mckinley and Sam sharing (finally!) the phone to watch a show.

At least all the time spent on the phone is spent together...right? 

Mckinley giving Sam a hug before he left to go get on his plane. Why are little kids so cute when they hug someone their same size?
Tyler and Kallie are starting to move a little...

Tyler started up where Kallie is. 

They are getting so big! 

So happy in their swings today! 
Mckinley was feeding popcorn to her hippo today. I love watching her user her imagination. 

Mckinley has been enjoying taking pictures. Here are some of the shots she captured.
Me and Tyler. 

Ha, so she took this picture and said something about getting my eye. 

Then she said I need to picture your other eye. So this is the next one. Ha ha ha. Totally cracks me up. Staying home with these three kids every day is the BEST!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lehi Hampton Inn

Every year we have a tradition of going and staying overnight at the Hampton Inn in either Salt Lake or Lehi with all of Brandon's family. It is one of my favorite things to do! We were especially excited this year to go up and go swimming since we didn't go swimming very much this winter and basically haven't gone anywhere since we went to Disneyland a whole year ago.
It was Tyler and Kallie's first time swimming. They both loved it!
All ready to go. 

Mckinley had been talking about going swimming for weeks! I'm pretty sure she was more excited than anyone else there.
All five of us. My goodness, we are a family of five! I still can't get used to that.
Brandon and Tyler.
Me and Kallie. 

Mckinley and her very favorite cousin Brynlee.
Okay so I was a little surprised that Tyler and Kallie liked the cold pool, but I would have bet money they would love the hot tub. They both looked almost comatose sitting on Brandon's lap. It totally relaxed them and they both went to sleep in their car seats after which was perfect for us so we could play with Mckinley in the pool and not have to worry about them.
Mckinley was a blast to play with. She loves being in the water. 
Mckinley was playing with the squishy balls and frisbees and for some reason kept laying down on this one on the tile. We were laughing so hard. 
Kinley and Kallie watching cartoons in bed. 
The twins slept great in their pack n play. They LOVE to have their faces covered with their blankets. 

In the morning they joined us in bed. All five of us fit in one King bed. Barely. And not for long I'm sure. These two are growing like weeds!

So we always go and have dinner and then go swimming. After that everyone puts their kids to bed and we play games in the lobby. These three cousins had a blast hanging out in the lobby with us before they had to go to bed. 
Tyler and Kallie both love being held up in the air. I love how smiley and happy they are at this age. It's so fun. 
Another comparison picture with their cousin Maverik. Shellee, I just realized we haven't done one of these with Hadlee. Remind me to do it sometime!

Kinley helping Brandon make pancakes the other morning. 
Having twin babies is the best thing ever!! Look how cute they are...