Sunday, October 27, 2013


Brandon and I don't go out on dates much. Like almost never. Well, not alone anyway. We take our kids with us a lot of times when we go places, partly because we really like our kids, and partly because we don't like to leave them with babysitters.

We know we need to get out more though and our kids could use some time away from us (or mostly just me). So we have made an effort to do it. Last week my parents babysat while we went to dinner and a movie (Gravity).

And right now, we are on a crazy three day streak of having babysitters. Friday night we got tickets to go to the BYU football game. We seriously had the best seats in the house and they came with dinner before and pretty much all the food you can eat during the game too. It was so awesome.
My sister Kristen is a SAINT and she watched our kids for us all afternoon and evening along with her own baby and the baby she nannies. We owe her big time!
Then Saturday night Brandon's dad got last minute tickets to the BYU basketball game. It was just their exhibition game. I think we go to this pretty much every single year because it's not that great of a game and the big wigs at Nu Skin don't like to go. We love it though! We brought Mckinley with us on a special date and left the babies home with my dad.

Again, we lucked out and had the best seats in the house. I love our hook ups! We have been able to do so much fun stuff thanks to Brandon's dad.
Mckinley was dying to see Cosmo up close and give him a high five. Even with us on the front row he never cam over to her. Here she is yelling his name.
Luckily as we were leaving we passed him in the back hall and she was able to give him a high five. That, and the popcorn at half time totally made her night!!
Then today my parents watched the babies for all three hours of church so we could go and enjoy and I could teach my relief society lesson in peace. It was heavenly.

These dates are really doing us a lot of good. :)