Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mckinley's First Dentist Visit

I took Mckinley for her first time to the dentist. I am terrified of the dentist, hate going, always have, and I really didn't want it to be the same for her. So I tried to tell her how fun it was going to be and get her really excited for it.
She did really well. Cried a little during the x-rays (I don't blame her, it always hurts so bad when those things poke your mouth when you bite down on them, did I mention I hate going to the dentist?) but they were able to get x-rays on both sides.
Then the dentist just counted and checked her teeth real quick and we were done. No cavities! Yay! I have horrible teeth (which is probably why I hate the dentist) and Brandon has perfect teeth. I have been so worried my kids would get my teeth so I have done everything I can with Mckinley. Fluoride since she was 6 months old, and brushing morning and night. So far her teeth look great. I still hope she got Brandon's genes.
I took her out for a hot fudge sundae after for doing so good. (When is she going to have a good "camera" smile???)


Susie Paavola said...

It seems that Mckinley enjoyed her first dental appointment more than the hot fudge sundae. Hehe! It's good that she now has an idea of what it feels like going to the dentist. It's much easier on your part the next time you'll bring her to her dentist.

Susie Paavola @ Provo Family Dentistry

Clara Song said...

Mckinley looks adorable. She's also brave! I'm glad her first visit to the dentist went well. I remember mine wasn't too good. I was crying loudly the whole time my teeth were being cleaned. That hot fudge sundae looks really yummy. She deserved it.

Clara Song @

Gus Eckles said...

At least she doesn’t dislike going to the dentist, plus she doesn’t have any cavities. And taking her out for ice cream as a reward afterwards was really a nice touch. As for the perfect camera smile, just keep taking pictures of her. It’ll come in due time. Have a good day! – Gus

Gloria Ewing said...

Well done McKinley. No cavaties and everything seems to have come in properly. Mum I think the fluoride treatment was and is an excellent idea. First time dental visits are not as traumatic compared to many years ago. Now we have specialized dental offices for kids. The environment is kid friendly with bright colours, toys, videos,... They use props like sun glasses, flavoured tooth paste,... and the staff are trained to deal with young kids. This all adds up to a much higher probability of success on the first visit.

Louise Adams said...

Mum and McKindley you both deal well. Given our experiences with a dentist when we were young, you certainly want your kids to start on the right foot which it seems they do today. The positive is that you have kids who embrace the dentist as opposed to fear them and they also embrace oral hygiene which is really important. Wow how things have changed for the better.

Vanessa Richards said...

Very charming! With the right kind of reward of sorts to wrap it all up with. Certainly, a nice serving of ice cream should ought to be in order. McKinley totally deserves it since she had been a good patient and she has zero cavities. Haha! I hope the dental work lives up enough to set her up well for the future.

Vanessa Richards @ Dental Studio

Rosie Angelakis said...

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