Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a really great Christmas this year. All of Brandon's family was in town so we spent a whole lot of time with them and loved it.
Mckinley and her cousin Sam from New Mexico had lots of fun playing together.
My sister Amy came and saved me one day and babysat my kids while I went Christmas shopping. She made a snowman with McKinley while I was gone which was so awesome because McKinley had been asking me to make one with her forever. She watched Frozen a million times and is obsessed with the movie and was so excited to make her own snowman.
Christmas Eve we had dinner at my parents' house like we always do. I don't have any pictures from it. The food was amazing.
Mckinley giving Santa a hug when he came to visit at Brandon's parents' house one evening.
Mckinley was obsessed with Brandon's mom's village. She played with this for like an hour straight one evening.
When Mckinley went to bed on Christmas Eve she was so excited for Santa to come and then when she woke up Christmas morning she completely forgot what day it was. Ha ha ha. This is what the kids woke up to:
Opening up her stocking.
Mckinley was so cute and polite opening presents and was so good to help Tyler and Kallie open theirs. They actually did pretty well and were interested in opening presents so it was a pretty fun morning.
Brandon found a pet care kit for Mckinley but bought it mainly for the doctor stuff it had in it. Well she sure loves the puppy too. And so does Tyler. He is slightly obsessed. I was so happy to find this adorable coat for McKinley at Costco. The one she was wearing when she made the snowman was size 2T. She was in desperate need!
Impossible to get a picture of these two standing next to each other. There is no way to get them to hold still. This was the best we got. Man, they are cute!
Brandon's dad gave us money for Christmas to help out with our Disneyland vacation in April. He had a suitcase full of $1 bills. Ha ha ha.
Mckinley and Annie didn't make it through Monsters University.
We spent almost the entire day at Brandon's parents' house and in fact we were there almost every night from when Lincoln got home straight through to New Years. We had such a good time visiting with family from out of town and letting the kids play together. Tyler and Kallie are pretty independent now which makes it a lot easier to go places and they would just sleep together in their pack n play if we stayed over late.