Monday, December 9, 2013

Steph's Phone

Realizing I had a lot of pictures on my phone and camera that weren't uploaded to the computer either... Get ready for picture overload.
A picnic dinner.
Kinley looking so cute with her post braid hair.
Riding her bike in the basement.
Here is me wishing Kallie's hair was long enough to put in a clip.
The kids have been loving this little people nativity my mom gave them as an early Christmas present.
Kallie and Tyler always sit in the toy bins in the toy room.
Tyler climbed on the back of this while Kallie was riding it and she was not happy about it.
They also love to stand on top of the toy bins so they can reach things higher up in the toy kitchen.
Looking cute with straight hair.
Ha ha. I love things like this. Kallie was also not happy about Tyler trying to climb up on the stool with her.
My sister gave us this little snowman that lights up and Mckinley has it in her window. She goes and plugs it in all the time and then opens the blinds so she can see it. She thinks it's the coolest thing ever.
Kallie is a climber! She climbed up on this car at my mom and dad's while Tyler was riding it.
Cute sisters playing in a baby bassinet at Kristen's house.
These guys always follow each other around and get in fights trying to climb up on the same things.
Cute happy kids during lunch today. All I had to do was say cheese and these were the faces I got.
Kallie and Tyler were feeding each other crackers at the same time today. I didn't get a good picture of it...
Kallie sitting in the Yahtzee box...
Sitting in the cupboard.
Tyler saw her do it and went and copied her after.
Maverik pulled all the towels out of my kitchen drawer and then climbed in. Ha ha ha.
Never a dull moment with these kids...