Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lincoln's Home!!!

Rewind 2 years ago. Brandon's youngest brother Lincoln left to serve a mission in Chile. He left on Brandon's birthday, January 4th. Brandon was so sad to see him go and knew he would really miss him. Lincoln is Brandon's mini me. They are close.
So here we are with him two years ago the day he left.
Well, yesterday he came home. Everyone was so excited to see him again. Except his mom. Because she thought she wasn't going to see him till January 14th, next month. He decided he wanted to surprise her so we all helped him and kept it a secret and she had no idea and it was the most awesome surprise ever. Two of Brandon's siblings drove into town the day before, and we all went up to Salt Lake. Brandon's dad went to the airport to pick up Lincoln and then brought him to Temple Square to surprise his mom. Here are the pictures and a video.
Hopefully I can get the before picture that we took, but you can kind of tell from the picture above how much these girls grew while he was gone! I think Mckinley and Haley both grew about a foot. Incredible.
Um  yeah, so it was pretty much amazing. So fun to have Lincoln home and so fun to be a part of the surprise. Christmas last year was our best one yet by far and I already know this one is going to top it. I'm so excited!!!
Here is our little family.


nora.lakehurst said...

YAY you blogged it. I loved it. I love how some of the kids were like "Um this is weird." How fun. My sister leaves for the MTC Jan 8th and she will be serving the sweet people of Winnipeg Canada. I can't believe we are "old" enough to be seeing our siblings go and come back on missions. My sister is going to ROCK Canada. I hope we can do something fun like this for my mom. She is a hard person to surprise. We did do it a few years ago for her 50th. She was so surprised that she fell over. Poor mom. But it's so fun to surprise them.