Thursday, March 27, 2014


My whole life I have spent every summer going up to Fairvew canyon to the cabin my grandpa built like 45 years ago. It was tiny and very primitive but we loved it. When my grandma died a few years ago the cabin was split between my mom and two of her siblings. It was getting really hard to maintain it and my mom was doing most of the repairs so she decided to sell her portion and she bought a time share into another cabin that is in the same canyon.
My good friends growing up also have a time share in this cabin so I had actually been there once as a teenager. Anyway, we took our first trip into the cabin as a family a few weeks ago. We had a blast!!!
Here is the cabin from far away. Looks tiny but it is much bigger than our old one.
We were going to snow shoe in for about a mile and a half but the weather was so great and the snow was already packed down so we just hiked in.
Amy and her fiancé Adam who we had never met before flew in from Arizona so they were able to join us on the trip.
Sadly, Brandon decided not to come last minute. We had a babysitter lined up for the kids and everything. He still has yet to spend a night away from the twins. I was a loner but I still had a really good time.
We spent a lot of time inside playing games and we also had a lot of fun outside sledding down the hill right out the back of the cabin. I am so excited to be able to go stay at the cabin multiple times every year. It was such a nice weekend away.