Friday, June 20, 2014

Cabin Trip

I was able to take the kids on an over night trip to the cabin. My mom bought a time share into a cabin in Fairview Canyon and I have a feeling we are going to make a lot of good memories there. I walked in to the cabin in the snow, back in February. Brandon still hasn't seen the cabin and I'm excited for him to go.

A deer we saw on the way in.

Tyler and Kallie were a little extra clingy and cranky while we were there. They probably missed their dad. Kallie followed me everywhere I went and always wanted to be held, so this is how I brought the cooler in to the cabin.

The beautiful view from the deck.

It was just me and my kids, Kristen and Mav, my Mom, and Kristen's friend Andrea and her family. We had a good time.

Cutest picture of Tyler and Grandma!

So it totally snowed in the evening. My brother Mark and his family were supposed to come but they never showed up because of the snow storm. Everything melted by about noon though and we were still able to enjoy going outside the second day.

Oh my goodness my kids are getting big!

Mckinley and I walked over by the lake while the twins were napping.

This girl is my everything. She is my little angel who keeps me sane in my crazy life. I love every second I get to spend with her.

Tyler and Kallie both wanted to swing and there was only one baby swing. Luckily they were happy to share. :)

This girl could swing all day long. She is so cute and just loves it!! Can't wait for the next cabin trip!

8 Year Anniversary

Brandon and I had the most amazing 8 year anniversary celebration trip. We went to Las Vegas for THREE days with NO KIDS. It was pure heaven. 

We stayed at the Wynn Hotel. They had these beautiful displays. A hot air balloon and a carousel made of flowers. So amazing!

The pool was beautiful and completely covered in shade in the afternoon. Perfect for me and my fair skin! I loved it. We went swimming every day we were there.

The view from our hotel room was so amazing, overlooking the strip with floor to ceiling windows with shades that opened with the touch of a button. Oh, I wish we could have stayed longer.

We had a really good anniversary dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe.

Our waiter found out it was our anniversary and came out with this.

We got to see La Reve: The Dream. It was an awesome show.

Outside our hotel.

We made sure to go check out the water show at the Bellagio. A must do tradition for us every time we go to Vegas.

We got to eat at The Buffet at our restaurant and oh my gosh, there were so many choices. Really good food.

I had to get my New York Pretzel. Mmmmm...

Seriously we had the best time. We went to the movies, swam and relaxed in the pool, and just sat around doing nothing.

Eating at Freddy's in St. George on the way home. I love trying out new places. It was so good.

This was the best trip of my life. Totally loved it. We missed our kids but knew they were in good hands with my sister Kristen, who is a total angel for watching them for us. Oh, I hope it's not another 8 years before we do this again!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Amy's Wedding

On Saturday, June 7, my little sister Amy got married. She is the baby of the family. She married Adam Firkins in the Timpanogos Temple.

When they came out of the temple Mckinley ran right over but instead of hugging them, she just turned around to smile for pictures. Because of course she should be in them...right?

Brandon ran and picked up Mckinley to bring her back to the temple because we knew she would love seeing Amy in her wedding dress. She was probably more excited for Amy's wedding than Amy was. The night before that's all she prayed for, thank you that it could be Amy's wedding day after I go to sleep and wake up again. And then the second she woke up the first thing she said was I'm so excited! It's Amy's wedding day. I can't believe it!

All 8 siblings.

One of my favorite pictures from the day.

Me with my two long lost brothers who moved out of state. We don't see them often enough.

First thing I thought when I saw Amy's wedding cake was um, did they forget to decorate it?

Turns out they really did. It looked so awful. So Bryant and Summer ran to the store, bought some flowers, and decorated it real quick. Yeah, I think my mom will be getting her money back on that one. Sure did taste good though. It was from Kneaders. Kneaders also did my wedding cake and also messed it up (though not nearly as bad) and my mom got a gift card to Kneaders in the amount of the cake so I think she ate there free for like a year. :) Hope that happens again.

Amy and Adam live in Arizona so we will just add them to the list of long lost siblings. Nice to at least meet him though. :)


Tyler and Kallie did join us for the reception but I forgot to get any pictures while they were there. I wonder why? One toddler for each adult doesn't leave anyone to take pictures. :)

The wedding day was beautiful and even though the schedule seemed too rushed to me, everything worked out great in the end. It was all over by 2 in the afternoon and then we had the rest of the day to ourselves. We ended up going to a park that night with my brothers before they flew back home and had such a fun evening!

Oh, I almost forgot I wanted to add this picture of all the boys golfing a couple nights before the wedding.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I really should blog once a week with how many pictures I need to post. There are just too many cute ones.

We have been having such a fun summer. The twins have been so much more manageable than I was thinking they would be. It has been great!

We went up the canyon one night with Brandon's brothers and roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. It was such a fun night!!

Kallie's "excited" face kills me! She is the cutest thing ever.

The kids have been having a blast in this tiny pool in our backyard. Doesn't take much to entertain them at this age!

Kallie and Tyler love getting in the pool or in my tub when it's empty and laying by each other.

Home made crunch wrap supremes. Sooooo delicious!!

Concert in the park has started up again! One of my favorite summer traditions.

Painting outside with water is pretty much a daily occurrence around here. So easy and the kids love it.

Mckinley and Brandon went jet skiing with some of his family out on Utah Lake one evening. She loved it and wanted to go full speed.

Tyler and Kallie in their adorable owl towels watching a show after a bath.

Watching a show in our bed.

And yet again, watching a show first thing in the morning. Yes, we watch a little too much TV around here. Survival mode, folks.

Mckinley fell asleep down in the play room one evening. I love when kids fall asleep in random places.

Kallie listening to music on the ipod.

Adorable hand holding shadows on a walk to the mailbox. I secretly love that we have to walk to the mailbox. We only do it about once a week, but it at least gets us out! 

Kallie fell on the edge of the bathtub and split her chin open on Friday night. It seems to be healing well with no glue or stitches. She is our crazy one!