Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

I knew Christmas would be fun. With the ages of our kids, it would be impossible not to. The kids had an absolute blast.

We got together with all of my family when Amy and Adam were in town to make gingerbread houses again. My mom provided everything. It was so fun!

Christmas Eve we always have dinner at my mom and dad's house. My mom made costumes for all the grand kids to perform a quick nativity. It was really cute! I have a picture of the final scene but it must be on Brandon's phone.

Mckinley got to be Mary and Kallie was an angel. Tyler of course wouldn't wear his shepherd costume.

Christmas morning Mckinley woke up at 6:30, came running in to our room and yelled "Santa came!!!" By 7 she woke up Kallie. The first thing Kallie noticed when she came out was this plate and she proceeded to say "Reindeer eat carrot, (which sounds like cay-uht) Santa ate coooookie, Santa ate milk (miwk) all gone!" She said it over and over and it was so cute.

When Mckinley went to wake up Tyler she told him Santa came and he mumbled back Santa came. Then he said no sit Santa lap! He thought Santa was actually here. Ha ha ha.

The kids had so much fun opening all their presents and loved everything they got.

After Kallie opened her Anna doll, Anna had to be sitting right next to her to open anymore presents.

We hoped we would get a white Christmas and we got pretty much the best white Christmas ever. It snowed all day and was so beautiful.

We headed over to Brandon's parents' house at 11 for our gift exchange.

Tyler and Kallie were so excited about their new laptops from Grandpa that they couldn't even look up for a picture.

As soon as we got home that afternoon Mckinley and Brandon headed out to go sledding on the golf course.

Kallie got the cutest Frozen nightgown from the cousin exchange.

Tyler trying on Mr. Potato Head's glasses. :)

Mckinley got an Orb Factory chandelier and had a blast putting 1500 stickers on it! Probably my favorite present too.