Tuesday, December 9, 2014


This has been such a fun month. We have had beautiful weather and have had so much fun enjoying the Christmas spirit and the holiday season. A few random pictures from December to start out.

We patch one of Mckinley's eyes for two hours a day to help strengthen her other eye. Tyler and Kallie think it's fun to wear a patch too.

Mckinley had her first cavities filled this month. She had two done already and has one more to go. She did really well and didn't have to be put under.

Kristen made these cute leggings for the girls. I love matching kids! Now I know why my mom did it so much to me and Kristen growing up.

Mckinley got really obsessed with this Edible Arrangements calendar (thanks Anna!) and insisted that I make her one. I did the best I could. :) She loved it.