Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Crafting

Having a four year old girl is so much fun! She loves to make crafts and we have been doing everything we can think of this Christmas.

The kids went crazy over the snowman. Even though we have no white doors in our house. To the left is our Christmas paper chain countdown. Which is one of many countdowns we have going.

Another one is gluing cotton balls onto Santa's beard.

And of course the chocolate advent calendars Brandon's dad buys the kids each year. They loooove these!

Here's our tree. I added ribbon to it this year. Tyler and Kallie surprised me and pulled ornaments off like crazy the first little bit but they have been doing really well lately and are finally leaving them on.

Mckinley comes home from school every day dressed up as an elf or a reindeer or something else. her teacher is so creative and they are celebrating Christmas all month long.

 After we made our marshmallow tree I let the kids make "their" letters.