Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas season

This Christmas has already been a magical one and I am so excited for the actual day.

Tyler and Kallie are at great ages. They will have so much fun. And of course Mckinley is loving every minute of all of it.

All of the kids love seeing the lights on our tree and garlands and love seeing all the Christmas lights outside. It is so fun to enjoy Christmas through your children's eyes.

The first Monday in December we watched a 7 minute clip called the Nativity for FHE. The kids were enthralled and have asked several times a day since to watch it. They absolutely love it. It's so fun.

This week for FHE we put together a gingerb

 We haven't done one in quite a few years. The kids loved it of course.

A Christmas miracle would be if we could get all three kids to hold still and smile for a picture.

I am just soaking up every day of this month and have never been more excited for Christmas in my life. Last year was a pretty awesome Christmas and this year the kids are at even better ages and I just can't wait!