Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We just had the most amazing trip to Bermuda. This was another MetLife Leadership Conference and it was awesome, as they always are. This is the fourth one we have been to. The other three were just me and Brandon, Jason and Shannon. But this time Blake and Kim came along and we had such a good time!

Travelling there on a red eye flight was miserable, but after that first day, things were great. This is the hotel we stayed in.

Swimming pool with a view of the ocean.

The hotel (Fairmont Southampton Inn) had a private beach with lawn chairs and towels all set out for you. It was really nice with very little waves, super clear water, and soft sand. It was heaven. We spent time every day at the beach and just loved it.

The weather wasn't super hot, a little too windy at times, but still just way nice.

We swam out to those rocks in the distance quite a few times and it was so fun to swim in the ocean, in such mild water. It was cold, but easy to get used to. And did I mention, so much fun?

The sand castle we built.

Once we started taking jumping pictures, we couldn't stop. Ha ha ha. So much fun.

MetLife always takes you out on the excursion of your choice. We chose the underwater scooter adventure, which was snorkeling holding on to little scooters that pull you around so you don't have to kick your feet. It was kind of windy that day, and there wasn't a whole lot of amazing fish to see, but it was still really fun. I went snorkeling on a private beach in Vanuatu when I was 13 and had the most incredible experience, and I'm not sure if that one will ever be topped.

We ate dinner at a fancy restaurant one night. The food wasn't that great. Well, I had fish and I really liked it, but Brandon's steak was pretty much raw. And I was almost sure the fruit juice they brought us was alcoholic, but it turned out it wasn't. An experience for sure!

View from the hotel grounds.

Saying goodbye. The trip ended too early for me. I could have used another couple of days. I am now experiencing what my neighbor calls "PVB" or post vacation blues. And just like she said, my kids seem to be punishing me for being gone with extra whininess. Sigh...


3boys2girls said...

Instead of PVB we call in "re-entry" and it is always TOUGH!!! Looks like a fun trip!