Friday, May 15, 2015

Mckinley is 5

This sweet little thing is FIVE years old!

Mckinley loves birthdays more than anyone I know. It was so fun to look forward to it with her. She had her traditional mickey mouse pancake, and also she requested strawberry mini wheats so she got those.

We didn't get her much for her birthday since she was having a party, but she and Tyler and Kallie have been loving this doll house that was a hand-me-down from their cousins, Holly and Ella.

Mckinley was SO excited that her birthday fell on a school day. Her teacher does a great job of celebrating their birthdays at school. They also had a mother's day program at school that was fun to watch.

We had lunch at Wendy's after school.

Then that evening we took the kids swimming at the Orem Rec Center. They had a lot of fun!

The next day Mckinley got her kindergarten shots at her well check. She didn't cry at all during the shots, but made up for it later that day by crying for hours about how awful the doctor is and how she never wants to go back.

Later that night we went to the Payson Temple open house. Mckinley kept saying when do we get to go in the temple? I can't wait to explore!

Saturday was Mckinley's first official birthday party. We invited her school friends and church friends. I thought a lot of them wouldn't come so we invited 17 kids. Well, 15 of them came! So with our three, it was a full house of 18 kids. Kristen made her this adorable balloon cake.

The kids did really well and the party was a success! We had pizza and birthday cake, and then went on a treasure hunt and played pin the tail on the donkey. They all had a lot of fun.

Mckinley is the most amazing child. She definitely has her melt down moments (usually over really silly things) but for the most part, she is the best little helper any parent could ask for and she pretty much does a better job at life than I do. She is super smart and loves to color and draw and has a wonderful imagination. She is so kind and sweet. I just love her to death!!