Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Pictures

Well, since I last blogged, we sold our house, packed it up, moved all our stuff into the garage of our new house 13 houses down the street, lived with Brandon's parents for three weeks, and then moved into our new house. I have a lot of catching up to do.

We had so much fun watching these baby robins grow in a nest in a tree. The birds built the nest super low so we could just tiptoe up and peek in. In 10 days the birds hatched, and flew away. Well, they did spend a few days living in our window wells and it was fun watching them there, and then they flew away. Anyway, it was awesome, and an experience we will probably never have in quite the same way again. So fun to have it before we moved from our house.

Tyler and Mckinley helping Brandon mow the lawn. :)

One day while my house was all boxed up I got to visit with two old friends from Australia. Lynda Innes and Courtney Turner. So fun. And Courtney brought all sorts of Australian treats for us to eat.

Mckinley finished up preschool at the end of May. Robin Scott was her teacher. The school was called Great Beginnings Preschool. It was in the basement of Robin's house, just next door. Super convenient! She learned so much and had so much fun. So sad it had to come to an end.

We had the rainiest May ever but finally got a sunny day and enjoyed it with cousins and popsicles!

And we had to take advantage and go to Nielsen's grove to see the baby ducks. My favorite park ever!

Mckinley and Tyler both took turns pushing Brandon on the swing.