Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Mckinley has learned so much at preschool. Her teacher is the absolute best! She goes above and beyond pretty much every day. It's a bonus that she teaches in her basement next door too!

When they were learning about the letter O, her teacher went out and bought a bag of 20 frozen octopuses for them to explore and play with.

She brought the bucket of them over to our house after so the twins could play too.

This is as close as Kallie got. :)

It's crazy to think this is Mckinley's last month of preschool. She absolutely loves the days she has school and loves to learn new things and do her homework. She has learned way more than I ever imagined. I always tease her and tell her she needs to stay home from school because I miss her too much. I am dreading Kindergarten next year.