Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July

After we rode up in a balloon the kids had a morning nap and so we were able to go swimming in a pond for the afternoon with some of my family. The kids had such a great time and were so well behaved. It was wonderful!

Mckinley once again was quick to make friends with a perfect stranger, her second cousin. They were so cute swimming out holding onto this paddle.

That night we went to Pizza Factory with all of the Salmons. This is all of the Salmon grand kids except Hadlee who lives in Seattle now.

The morning of the fourth we got to go to the parade. We had so much fun. Ross saved us great seats.

I was thinking my kids didn't have anything patriotic to wear but I forgot about this cute dress my neighbor Amber made for Mckinley two years ago. And my other amazing neighbor Andrea had just given me some hand me downs for Tyler and I found this among them. Score!

Mckinley on the other hand doesn't own anything red. Oops. I want to do better next year.

Mckinley loves her adorable cousin Abby. I love watching them together.

Shellee's family provided face painting for the kids which was super fun.

Our group.

I love watching the kids standing up. They all loved the parade. The weather was perfect too.

Later that night we went to Blake and Kim's and did some fireworks with them. We had a really great 4th. What a fun time of year!