Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Fun

Mckinley's teacher asked her to come back for the last day of summer school, even though she didn't go to summer school. And of course she had a blast being back there again.

This is Tyler and Kallie when they should have been napping. They have been soooooo hard to get down for naps so I decided to give up on naps and I was actually quite happy about the freedom it gave me to be able to do whatever we wanted the whole day but now it is backfiring and they end up crashing for a late nap every single day. Which ruins bedtime every single day. As if it wasn't already awful before. It is just such a mess right now.

We had a lot of fun while Brandon's sister Tara was in town, including a fun swimming day at Scera Pool.

I made a summer bucket list awhile ago and then pretty much forgot about it. I decided I wanted to do a few things on it. This was supposed to be our really fun awesome summer since our kids are getting older and our babies that should have been born in February/June weren't ever born. But then we moved and that was chaotic and the twins are still the biggest handful ever so it wasn't as glorious as I thought. But we still decided to at least check a few things off the bucket list, one of which was hiking the Y.

Brandon invited his family and it was so much fun with a lot of people.

Tyler and Kallie were pretty much carried the whole way up and down, which was annoying, but we all eventually made it.

Mckinley whined quite a bit about the hiking, which I expected. It felt good to touch the Y though and the kids think it is cool to see it on the mountain and know that they climbed up and touched it.

We have the best neighborhood ever! We absolutely love it here. Every year on the 24th of July some of our neighbors host a cul-de-sac of fire and it's super fun. Lots of food and fun and fireworks. We love it!

My brother Todd was in town for 2 days and we had a lot of fun with them while they were here. We went swimming at the Lehi pool because it was super windy that day so we needed to swim indoors.

Then we had a really fun picnic dinner at Bonneville Park. The twins were just getting the hang of their little scooters we opened a few days before.

Since I haven't done an ounce of decorating in our new house, this spot works great for time out. Lol.

We have been to the Manila Pond a few times this year. The kids always love it.

I never put the kids down for naps anymore and this is usually where they crash.

All ready for Church one Sunday.

Mckinley loves playing with her cute friend Kenzey. These girls have been friends since birth. I can't believe they are about to start Kindergarten in a few weeks! It's so weird watching your kids grow up.