Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cabin Trip

Right after the 4th of July Brandon's entire extended family went to Canada for a big reunion. We backed out last minute because the twins are so hard to handle and we just didn't think the trip made sense for our family. I'm so sad we missed it and I really would have loved to see his grandparents, but we will just add it to the very long list of sacrifices we have made since we had twins.

The week after we were supposed to go to Canada we went on a short trip to the cabin. It was so fun. The kids loved it. My mom rented two 4-wheelers and we had a blast riding around on them.

Tyler wanted to hold the fish one of his cousins caught.

We were able to go out on the lake for the first time in a paddle boat. It was pretty windy that day so it was hard to get around out on the water but it was fun anyway.

I love that my kids are making memories just like I did when I was their age.