Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New House

So, I'm not going to go in to the long story, but the short story is, after finding an amazing house for sale down the street, we decided to move! It was all very quick, and the new transition has been a little overwhelming, but overall, we are very happy to be here and feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful home.

This is our old house that we sold. It holds a lot of great memories and we loved this house.

This is our new house. Same ward, same street, different city. We love this area so much and are so happy we found our "forever house."

The view from the back.

We finally got to move in on June 24th. We had to celebrate with some Martinelli's.

The first night we were there someone got married at the clubhouse and so we had a pretty amazing fireworks show. We love love love the view off the back deck.

The view from my bed. It is so fun to wake up to such a beautiful view. It definitely feels like we're on vacation.

The kids can eat breakfast and lunch out on the deck in the shade.

This picture shows the view behind them. So beautiful.

Our yard is bigger which will be so nice to have more room for them to run around. We haven't had any golf balls in our yard yet, hopefully we continue to be this lucky.

Mckinley LOVES to pose for the camera and it cracks me up. She is the best!!!


Adam and Hilary said...

congrats! This home looks beautiful and the view is great!