Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Oops. I forgot to blog forever. Time to catch up.

Tyler and Kallie having fun in the tub.

These guys are always up to something while I shower and get ready. They moved all the chairs and made a pathway with them.

I love when all the kids are playing well together!

Kallie was so excited to surprise me that she had cleaned up the toy room.

And then I found this stash of toys behind the closet door. Ha ha ha.

Then she cleaned her bedroom. And I knew the stuff must be somewhere.

Found it in the bathroom. Ha! Baby steps.

That one afternoon I was a super nice mom and let the kids paint.

Mckinley begged us forever to cut her hair short. I'm including this picture because if you zoom in on it you can see her long ponytail. This is the best I've got for a before shot.

Cut it short! And she loves it!!!

Tyler and Kallie play so well together and I love it so much! They are always together and they still fight a lot but not near as much as they used to. Life is getting pretty easy these days, I gotta admit.

Oh and this happened. We did IVF in January and found out right after our cruise that it worked and I am pregnant!

Some more shenanigans while mom showers.