Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 2: Day at Sea

Sunday was a day at sea, and the super bowl. People reserved pool chairs by the outdoor theater like 6 hours early! We got a table and kind of hung out there on and off all day watching movies and playing games and of course eating.

We watched two Filipino guys carve some fruits and vegetables.

Our stateroom attendant was Filipino of course and he was actually from Bacolod and spoke Ilonggo! So I got to use my Ilonggo and it was so fun.

I don't have a lot of pictures from this day because I spent like 4 hours in the room just relaxing and napping while the super bowl was going on. It was wonderful! When I headed back up to the pool I ran into Kristen's old college roommate (that I was really good friends with), Erika. She and her husband were on the same cruise! Such a small world!