Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 3: Ensenada

On Monday we had absolutely gorgeous weather again. We got off the boat in Ensenada and walked to their little downtown and shopped for the kids.

And that was about it. Got back on the boat and enjoyed some golf, even though their "course" was not a course at all. We still made our own fun.

We had dinner at the restaurant every night except the formal night. We ordered so many drinks it wasn't even funny. It was so awesome to try so many new things and to just relax and spend time chatting with Jordan and Annie. They were such a good fit for us. We just loved it.

Then it was back home to reality and extra ornery kids who seem to be punishing us for leaving them, even though it sounds like they had a great time while we were gone. The weather at home is absolutely awful, with a horrible inversion and bad air quality and lots of fog and smog and just yuck. It was so nice to step out of it and enjoy amazing weather and company and a break from life!