Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Brandon's phone

Brandon had tons of good pictures on his phone that I couldn't resist posting.

The bottle is as big as her!

Cute kids all ready for church.

Tyler and Kallie are so huge but sometimes still want to be snuggled at the same time.

Kallie the hoarder.

Jamba juice family date night.

All ready for church again.

This picture melts my heart!


Kallie was being so crazy at Costco and swinging her head back and forth. It was hilarious. She has the most gorgeous flowy hair.

Tyler loving on his cousin Kayler.

Provo Temple.

A picture of us because I never post them.

Tyler after he threw up on his clothes from gagging himself because we made him taste one bite of turkey.

The bald eagle that has been hanging out on the golf course behind our house!!

Eating his kill.

Kallie trying out a selfie stick.

Tyler behind the selfie stick.

The kids touching a snake at the Bean Museum.

Kallie was too scared to touch it.

Look how grown up she is!

Mckinley helping Brandon bring me breakfast in bed. They are the best!!!