Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday Time

Cute cousins watching a show together. Sophie is Kallie's BFF. 

These are some of my favorite pajamas that both Kallie and Mckinley wore as well. Ava slips on our wood floor in footie pajamas so they work especially well for her. Ava is so cute and so grown up. She eats whatever we eat, and she can down a lot of food! She has started to get pretty whiny and wants to be held a lot. But since the other three kids are pretty self sufficient and there's just one of her, not two, it's pretty easy to give in and hold her a lot. And I just love her so much. She has teeth all over the place. Six on top, five on bottom right now. Three of those are molars.

The girls in their matching leggings Aunt Kristen made them. Seriously impossible to get Ava to hold still for a picture. I have so many blurry pictures of her.

December's craft at Home Depot was a cute wooden gingerbread house. The kids had so much fun making them, and then when we walked out to leave Santa was there for pictures and they had cookies and chocolate milk. So fun!

Mckinley's craftiness blows me away again and again. She made these adorable cards for her siblings. The white part on this tree is toilet paper. :)

Kallie's note is about a present, and the card is a present.

Tyler's note is about Rudolph. She made these cards completely by herself. So adorable and so sweet.

Mckinley was begging to decorate for Christmas so we actually ended up taking our Thanksgiving stuff down the day before Thanksgiving and putting all of Christmas up. We bought a new tree at the end of the season last year and it was so fun to get it out and see how much better it looks than our smaller tree we've had for the last 11 years. We put it in the front entrance for the first time too and I love seeing the lights from the window outside. I am so excited for Christmas! My favorite time of year.