Thursday, June 28, 2018


Concert in the Park is another of my favorite traditions. This year we had absolutely amazing weather. One week we were even a little bit chilly!

I took the kids to Coconut Cove for the first time. It was so awesome. We practically had the place to ourselves. Shannon and I sat and chatted while the kids played. It was perfect!

We did some fun 4th of July crafts at home. The kids painted Popsicle sticks and we turned them into flags. So cute!

Ava came and grabbed me one day in the family room and ran over to the kitchen. She was so proud to show me what she had done. Emptied all the ikea dishes out onto the floor and arranged them like this. So cute!

Cute sisters. Kallie set this all up for them.

Another craft at Michael's. We went with neighbors this time and had a blast.

Kallie asked me to match Ava's outfit and hair to her own, so of course I obliged.

Then Kinley and I discovered we were matching too, but on accident.

Lunch at Arctic Circle.

We went swimming at Scera with Brandon one evening after work for a couple hours before the pool closed and it was so much fun. Not crowded at all and we enjoyed every minute.

My sweet friend Kawehi invited us over one afternoon to enjoy her shaded backyard and we had so much fun visiting while the kids sang kareoke and ate snacks.

More park days!

Another friend Rebecca had us over for a fun water day in her backyard and fed us lunch. We had such a great time!

Jessica and Ryan invited us for a family swim party to celebrate Mady's birthday. Ava wasn't feeling well so I spent a lot of time sitting with her on the side but it was still a great day.

This pool had the most amazing view and the kids had a blast jumping off the diving board over and over.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer fun

This summer has been packed with so much fun. Which is funny because I have actually really struggled this summer and felt very depressed and sad for a lot of it. Good thing for pictures because looking back I can realize how much fun we've had.

Lunch out on the deck. Heaven.

Spending lots of time at a fun house in our neighborhood with a rope swing and lots of shade.

Ava's first encounter with a cat was at this same house and she was terrified. And intrigued. All at the same time.

The kids still enjoy getting wet in our tiny pool we've had for years and years that is still holding out for us.

Super fun swimming party with First Colony Mortgage. They had a bottomless candy buffet that we took full advantage of.

Found some neighbors there and Tyler had a blast playing with his little buddy Austin.

Went with some ladies from the ward to Manila Pond. I'm so glad we went because I don't think I even took my kids last year and I absolutely love going. At least once a year.

I invited Kristen too and she brought stuff to make snow cones. So fun!

I took the kids to the Bean Museum before the Bell Concert started. No matter how many times we go to the Bean Museum they always love it.

The Bell Concert is one of my favorite traditions. We ate pizza and salad and enjoyed the absolute most perfect weather possible.

I took the kids to the part of Lindon days where they have their Huck Finn day. I wasn't expecting much and we didn't stay long. It was hot and too crowded. But we enjoyed the slurpees we got on the way home.

If it weren't for Kristen and Dayne letting us butt in line with them we would have done even less than we did there.

Cute Ava enjoying toys at her cousins house.

We have enjoyed so many park days with amazing weather this year. We are so lucky to live where we live. I absolutely love it here.