Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween 2019

Halloween morning, the kids all dressed up for school. Tyler went as a soccer player, Mckinley a robber, Kallie a witch, and Ava said she was super princess. Ha ha.

I love going to the Halloween parade! It's so much fun to see the huge variety of costumes.

Grandma Bishop made these cute spooky hands filled with candy for all the kids.

Ross and Karen came over to bring treats as well.

Costumes changed a little for trick or treating since it was so cold! I wanna say it was in the 20's or something. I stayed inside with Jackson all night, the first time I haven't gone out trick or treating for at least a little, and I have to say I quite enjoyed myself. Tyler went as a robber and Kallie didn't wear her witch hat because she needed to bundle up.

I didn't even dress up Jackson, just threw on a pumpkin hat for a picture. This first year with him has been a little rough. He has been pretty fussy and I haven't felt up to doing a lot of things I normally would.

We had a great holiday and totally blew through all our candy in like a week. We have no self control over here!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October Randomness

Why is this child so stinking cute? Ava trying on sunglasses at the dollar store.

Cute Jackson starting to hold his own bottle.

Tyler made me "MOM" out of legos. True love. :)

Megan and Lincoln had their first baby, Emmy, on October 26th.

Jackson upgraded to sitting in his tub without the bottom attachment thing.

We got an unexpected quick visit from Dallin and Shellee because her grandma passed away so we got to meet our cousin Liam earlier than we thought. He is so cute!

Learning to sit up...

Getting some much anticipated and long awaited giggles from Jackson.

Pumpkin carving party over at Grandpa Salmon's. Grandpa is very adventurous and doesn't get scared away from big projects like this. It turned out really fun.

I don't even remember whose are whose. I wanna say Mckinley on the left, Tyler on the right?

Ava fell asleep sitting up one day.

Someone is growing up!

This girl. She is so full of personality. Just wearing her swimming suit in case we go to St. George, ha ha.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Halloween Party

Kristen wanted to have a Halloween party with cousins so we went to Grandma Bishop's one day and made haunted gingerbread houses. They turned out really cute!

I can't remember everything else we did. There was candy corn bowling, and other games. The kids all had a blast.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ava is THREE!

I was looking back on Ava's 2nd birthday and saw that we went to Jaker's on her birthday. I guess when you have a birthday in October, pumpkin patches are a good place to go. We didn't go on her actual birthday this year, but a few days before. My cousin was in town for her dad (my uncle)'s funeral so we met up at the pumpkin patch. It was freezing and so windy, which gave us the place to ourselves. We had a great time. Jackson was there too, but hiding in his car seat. He slept almost the whole time. It was awesome.

Jackson is getting close to sitting up! Such a cute bald little thing.

Ava rides her scooter in all weather. :)

Saturday was Ava's birthday. She was so excited to turn three and now she says she's almost 10.

Part of her birthday was spent at my uncle's funeral so my mom brought her a birthday present that she opened up in the church parking lot.

It was a pretty low key birthday but I think she felt special and she sure loved all of her gifts. She got a new baby doll, a stuffed unicorn, play dishes, a tea set, and new clothes. She is such a fun child. Everyone who meets her loves her!!!