Friday, June 27, 2008

River Pictures

I'm so glad my cousin Ryan had an awesome waterproof camera that also takes quick action shots. I'm sure there is technical terminology for all of this but anyway, check out these pics!!

I LOVE cliff jumping. It was a little different into the Colorado River though. The water was so cold it takes your breath away when you first get in. And even though in the pictures it doesn't look like there's much of a current, it was strong enough to start pulling you down the river before you could even reach the surface again. It was so fun!

Me and Bran were lucky enough to get to go in the kayak for a little while. It made the rapids a lot more exciting. Too bad no one got a picture of us during one of those rare rapids. :) (Side note: I felt as frumpy as I look in these pictures with my long shorts and Brandon's t-shirt so I didn't get burned.)

This is a picture of us up on Sand Dune Arch. It was quite the climb to get up there. Brandon climbed up and then literally pulled me up there. It was cool.


Hannah S said...

creepy picture berto....

I'm glad you had fun! I was way too chicken to jump off...guess I've heard too many stories from Lake Powell. Ya, we didn't get to talk were w/your husband too much. J/K! It looked like you were having fun!

Kirsta and Morian said...

looks like tons of fun! hey Stephanie, can I get your address? my mom is planning a baby shower for me and I wanna send you an invitation! you can leave it either on my blog or on my facebook. thanks!