Friday, December 5, 2008

Live Nativity and Candy Windows

The Christmas traditions have begun! Last night we went to the live nativity in the Provo Tabernacle. It was my first time going but Brandon said they pretty much go every year as a family. It was really fun. No flash photography allowed so this is the only picture I got. But you get the idea. A bunch of people dressed up in robes acting out the Nativity.

After that we went and saw the Candy Windows on Provo Center Street. I hesitate putting pictures up on here because I don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't gone yet...but I can't resist. The theme this year was the Night Before Christmas poem. It was cute.

Here we are trying to stay warm (it really wasn't that bad...).

And here's our little photographer. Thank heavens for her. She's always there to take a picture of us. And it was really cute watching her tell everyone to get out of the way of our picture.

We went to Brandon's parents house after the candy windows and had hot chocolate and Shirley's rolls. Yum! AND I finally finished the cork board puzzle I started there on Thanksgiving. It was a BEAST.


Steve & Julie said...

Okay, I haven't every heard of this candy village! It looks awesome. I want to go see it. Puzzles are all beasts, they are boring!!! No, you never did call me (you jerk) :) Call me sometime and we can get together. Maybe you can come to our house again.

Sara said...

That's really neat. I have never seen candy windows before. How are you doing? I love December, it's so busy with fun Christmas activities. Do you and Brandon do anything special for the holidays? Have a nice Sunday!

Steve & Julie said...

You need to call me! I didn't know you were able to do your stuff in January!!! That's awesome. We need to get together when you have a sec, you busy woman.

Jake and Mal said...

Thanks for helping us move! We've almost got all the boxes unpacked whoopee! The candy windows look so awesome! The other night we drove through the light display at Thanksgiving Point it was pretty fun. I'm glad you suggested it. :) Come see us soon!

Emily said...

The candy windows are on our list of things to do this year - we usually do them stuff! I love the live nativity...I'm sad I missed it.

Aubrey said...

wow! those candy houses look amazing! i want to drag russell to that now. is it just along center street?