Monday, October 21, 2013

Since my last post...

We finally got some new book shelves to make our family room look more complete. Next project: move the TV down...sometime...
I got the girls matching pj's. The cutest!
Getting ready to go out on a cold day.
Tyler got his first real hair cut. He had one hair cut before but it was real quick just to even things up. This one was legit and he looks soooo good with his short hair.
Three big kids sitting up to the bar. Wow.
Playing on the tramp at Grandpa's.
Mckinley helping Grandpa pick apples.
Tyler and Kallie watching a little Baby Einsteins.
Back view. So cute!!!
Playing with great Grandma Bishop.
Playing in a box. Way more exciting than real toys.
Cute faces!!
We went to the BYU Homecoming parade.
Mckinley with her cute cousin Mia. We are thrilled that these two finally started playing together! They are only three and a half months apart in age.
Tyler and Kallie loving the dum dums I gave them.
Kallie being all big and climbing up to get a cookie off the counter.
Cutest matching outfits!!!
Playing on a case of toilet paper.
Halloween outfits!
I finally let Tyler play in the dirt for the first time in his life. :)
Tyler biting Mckinley's toe.
This one speaks for itself!!


nora.lakehurst said...

They are so cute! Oh my goodness. I just want to munch on those cute little cheeks. You are such a fun mom.

Barb said...

I love how Kallie is sitting in the bookcase in that first picture. Cute!

Kim and Preston said...

So cute. Love his hair cut!

Kellie said...

Look at those cuties! I can't believe they are walking. I lose track of time so easily.