Monday, January 6, 2014

Brandon's 30th Birthday

Brandon's birthday this year was the big 3-0. I had big plans of a cruise or even just a night's stay in a hotel without the kids, and even had a hotel booked, but in the end we cancelled it because Brandon really didn't want to go, and it was his birthday after all so I decided to give him exactly what he wanted.
The night before his birthday we went out to dinner at Sakura's and then went shopping and got him a bunch of new clothes. It was a really fun date.
The day of his birthday we made pancakes for breakfast, then he opened his presents, and then we just kind of hung out at home. The babies were awful and I had a full on mental breakdown (sorry Bran) but luckily he didn't let it ruin his day. We went out for ice cream at Menchie's and that evening we made him a train cake and had his family over for a pizza party.
My sister Kristen made a train cake for her baby's first birthday and Brandon thought it was so cool. He asked me to make one because he knew Mckinley would love it. And she did. She talked about it for a whole day, ever since she came to the store with me and we bought all the stuff for it.
Don't look too close, it's pretty sloppy, but I still think it turned out cute.
Brandon's sister Chandra's birthday is the day before his so pretty much every year they blow out candles together. We had a really fun time and he said this was his best birthday ever.