Monday, January 6, 2014


Tyler is the sweetest little thing ever. He is seriously so sensitive and sweet and fun. He is tough too, and is way stronger than Kallie, but she is the one who is more feisty.
It's hard to do a post on these guys individually, because they are always together and I am always talking about them together. We'll see how this goes.
Tyler loves following Kallie and doing what she's doing. He got on this car with her and she was not too happy about it. 
Climbing up on the car...
Checking out his new cousin Sophie.
I just thought this picture was so cute. Tyler totally loves the bath and splashes a LOT while he's in there.
I just love some of his different faces. It's so hard to get a good picture because he's always moving and doesn't stop and pose for the camera like Kallie does.
Exploring the kitchen cupboards. Notice all the handprints on the freezer. Ha ha ha. I rarely clean them off because it doesn't stay clean for more than two minutes.
These guys have loved watching DVD's in the car. We've always had a DVD player but never used it until I got desperate recently. :)
These guys love their little chairs and if I start to put on a movie, they will run to their chairs and they usually sit in the right ones. For some reason they sat in each other's chairs this time.
This must have come from Brandon's phone because I didn't take it. Tyler totally loves stuffed animals and will just hug and kiss them. He also loves this blanket. Whenever I go to get him out of his crib he reaches down and grabs his blanket to bring it out with us.
I love these lips!!! He does that face a lot.
Talking on the phone. :)
Tyler loves laundry! He loves diving on a clean pile of laundry and he loves climbing in the laundry baskets. He does it all. the. time.
He is definitely the happier of the two but he still has his moments. He really didn't want me to take a picture.
Tyler is a picky eater. He always examines the food you are offering him and a lot of times he refuses it. If I shove it in his mouth sometimes he'll eat it, but if he really doesn't want it, he will spit it back out and there is nothing you can do about it.
He just started saying Cheese when I take a picture of him. He says daddy, mom (which pretty much means he wants something), uh oh, and I think that's about it. These guys are both getting good at communicating and will point to what they want. They also follow a ton of commands. They will take something and go throw it in the garbage, they almost always throw their dirty diapers away if someone will just open the door to the garage for them.
Life has been pretty challenging lately with these two but the sweet moments help you to forget the bad ones. I can't explain how I feel about Tyler, ever since the day he was born I've had a crush on him. Sounds weird, I know. But there is just something about having a little boy, and especially one who is so sweet and has such soft fluffy cheeks. I just love my Tyler.